Doubt and more doubt….all about a Friday night

Talking to friends is great, I have to admit that in the last few years, I’ve really been lucky. Mostly lucky and a LITTLE unlucky. But I don’t talk about the bad friends. I wish them well and hope that they do find true happiness one day ~ truly.

I’m on the phone with my best bud. She’s got some problems and I wish I could wave a wand for her to see into herself and the future, I wish I could say “just be brave and independent and give yourself more credit. Maybe I am saying it but it’s just not her time to hear it?
Through thick and thin I have been given so many insights to who I am through hours and hours of conversations with my pals. NOT in a goofy hollywood “Divine Secrets of the Ya Ya Sisterhood” cheesey way however, don’t go lighting your incense and aligning your shakras just yet.
But it’s days like these that I DO feel somewhat like Dr. Phil and I can conquer the world through complete understanding of myself and the people around me. Even covered in prescription pimple medication and eating cereal for dinner instead of making a nutritious meal, I feel responsible to myself. Finally.
Today, like I’m sure most of us do at times, I feel like we’re all making life so much more complicated than it needs to be. Especially with relationships. If you’re significant other doesn’t treat you as well as your best friend, why are you with them?
Nothing lasts forever, why does love have to? – Maybe your love is true and maybe it’s not. But don’t kill yourself trying to keep up with the Joneses. Someone out there loves you whether it’s your Budgie or the dogs you walk at the SPCA on weekends – you deserve the best.
Look at me, I’m married again, for the second time to a person who fulfills me more than I could ever believe. I’m not expecting anything anymore and there ARE bumps in the road but I’m only accepting the best treatment now ~ and it shows.
I hope that I can help my friends stop torturing themselves and they can help me do the same. For good.

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