On a rainy January afternoon my husband and I drove down to Main and 7th for a food frenzy. Though he may not see it that way (Vegan/Vegetarian) he is always a good sport, and I knew that they sold beer and he would at least be in for that.

We parked in an empty lot across the street and headed in. The music wasn’t what we were expecting. We had heard that only hardcore rap music played to keep the “old” people out. I’m surprised at myself that I had never been in before, but being a downtowner you don’t get over to the Mount Pleasant area all too often.

I ordered the noonwich, my husband the BLT-ish. Both came on bread which is something you don’t find in the RAW lifestyle at all so I was pretty pumped up.

The sourdough was FABULOUS, the salad dressing was made up of some sort of mango puree and possibly some sesame product. Killer at any rate. The corn/black bean/garlic Noonwich was warm, full of flavour and hit the spot – a few times. The “bacon” on the BLT was believable and the rest of the ingredients mixed perfectly.

We ordered a green tea and a Stella Artois, with our two meals it came to $32.00. Can’t beat that. The staff was fine, the crowd was scenesterish but tolerable and the service was, well, who cares? The food made up for it.

Highly recommending it to anyone who is a hungry hungry Vegan/Vegetarian Hippo, there are not a lot of comfort foods in this neighbourhood that don’t include cheese and eggs. A true Vancouver institution.



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