I was finally lucky enough to find some time to make it down to a NEW Vancouver health food provider. Organic Lives. Located on Quebec street at East second this relatively huge space is a diamond in the rough. On my visit that day I tried a smoothie, picked up some Himalayan rock salt, sun dried mangoes, Cacao nibs and coconut water.

The raw food looked amazing, there was sushi, pizza and a slew of other items that were ready to go and they also cater, think healthy workplace munchies!! There were some supplements as well in the many refridgerators and freezers.

The ambiance was a little lacking for me but it was very sterile,appropriate nonetheless. Motivational words of Ghandi were painted on the walls above the eat-in area and they stocked some promotional hand outs for radha yoga & eatery (an eco-aware business) and E3 live supplements – both of which I intend on checking out sooner than later.

For you interested in raw and living foods or for anyone who is already immersed in the raw community, this is the place to check out! You can get some great starter items here as well as replenish any depleted cupboards, they also have seminars and workshops! Visit their website to have a look at their online store where informational books and dvd’s are sold, as well as cooking equipment and supplies.

Support a local sustainable business today, your major grocers pale in comparison to this shop, quite literally.

Bon Apetite!


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