First of all, I have to say THANK YOU JONATHAN SAFRAN FOER FOR OPENING MY EYES ON AN ISSUE THAT I THOUGHT WAS SO CLEAR TO ME, BUT CLEARLY WASN’T! I will be forever grateful for this book and the unbiased way that it brought to light all of the horrors of factory farming.

Seeing this all come out of the heart and mind of an author in his early thirties was inspiring and nearly heart stopping. I couldn’t imagine communicating such an extraordinarily important message at such a young age – and make it on the Ellen show to boot!

For a person like me who takes such a hard stance on animal cruelty and truth in nutrition, I couldn’t believe that I found myself touched at some points at the plight of the factory farmer and the challenges they all face today – it wasn’t long ago that their chickens used to roam free and the choice to move to breeding chickens without feathers or the ability to walk certainly didn’t take place on the range!

For those of you who call yourselves vegetarians, think again, you may want to throw out that butter and cheese too! And for those of you that believe eating seafood is “better than eating meat” give your head a shake and put down that “Oceanwise” Salmon sashimi.

I recommend this book to anyone who cares about the future of our planet and our health care system. Please read it with an open heart and mind and realize your impact on the world around you. Giving up something as small as eggs or cheese could change the world so much for the better, you would also be the cause of far less suffering in the world and that’s no small feat.

Please read this book one and all – for me, I walked away Vegan and so did Natalie Portman.



  1. John says:

    If you haven't seen the video “Food Inc.” I'd recommend you go to nearest video store and rent it. You'll never again go into a supermarket with your eyes, heart and mind closed.

    John Smythe

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