A day for the Environment and Aquaculture

The morning of February 20th started out like most of my Saturday mornings; waking up with a mild hangover knowing that I had committed to something that I wasn’t so keen on at 7:00 am.

I had enlisted myself to be one of what would be hundreds of demonstrators at Vanier Park. The cause? BC Salmon. A noble fish that has provided nourishment to our Westcoast for hundreds, even thousands of years. A fish (along with many others) that is now plagued by disease, corruption and eventually – extinction.

Through the Facebook group “Wild Salmon Circle” a rally was organized, there couldn’t have been a more perfect day for it – Sunny, clear and right smack dab during the middle of the 2010 Winter Olympics. (You can see me seated with one of my dogs in the fourth picture down).

The bottom line: Our fish stocks are depleted due to farmed salmon operations being directly in the middle of our wild salmon migratory paths. Farmed Salmon carry a horrible affliction known as “sea lice” treated by a myriad of chemicals and anti-biotics – most of which they have become immune to. Who is enabling this you ask? Along with the DFO here in BC, the country of NORWAY – who own 92% of all fish farms in BC.

We need to get them to halt their practices or AT THE VERY LEAST – switch to a contained farming system to ensure that our acquaculture is preserved. Did you know that when the sea floor located directly underneath these operations were studied there were virtually NO SIGNS OF LIFE found? This is a cause worth speaking up for, even for a Vegan. The great Spirit Bear and other animals in our fragile ecosystem depend on us choosing sustainable agri and acquiculture methodologies.

Please visit these links below, please stand up for your environment and all of it’s inhabiants.



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