Happy Mothers Day

While some people may not have had great mothers, or even mothers that were present I’m sure that a vast majority of us have had someone who has taken on the motherly role in our lives. Whether it be a teacher, counsellor, friend of the family or even your dad, I think today is a great day to be grateful for those people in our lives that helped us when the chips were down.

I am lucky to say that I had a mother who was there for me, and continues to be. The sun is shining and the birds are chirping and the Vancouver Sun Run is about to happen outside my door – I’m going to get the hell outta dodge.

I called my mom this morning to wish her a great day. We are also going to see Simon and Garfunkel when they finally get their *&#% together and make their show here in Vancouver.

So mom, as you and dad are driving NE to the desert town of Osoyoos today, remember that both of your kids (I’m sure Derek is thankful somewhere under that rough exterior) appreciate everything you have given us. Even the fear of the dentist and the complete distaste for onions.

Love you mom.



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