Eating for your future

Summer is here and it brings with it abundance and appreciation for the out of doors and all it’s infinite wisdom. This includes all of the human beings that may in fact be contributing to the eventual destruction of this beautiful, ever loyal rock we call home.

Being a person who has chosen to forego having a family certainly helps when making basic, selfish decisions in life. Most parents you speak to at one time or another could agree that they have felt a twinge of envy when watching the unencumbered go about their regular daily routine, not realizing how difficult jetting out to grab a jug of juice can be with the additional burden of a dependent. Family or not, the Earth is my dependent, and I am solely responsible for my impact on its fragile ecosystem.

Part of our shared responsibility is to educate ourselves, our friends and our families about the foundations of a healthier planet. It starts with the food we eat. What most people do not consider is the impact that factory farming has on our health. The mass production of meat, GMO’s and food that crisscrosses the globe to get to our dinner plate, are deadly contributors to our eventual demise in the form of toxic pollutants and cancer to name a few.

This summer, take advantage of farmers markets in your area. You can find artisan meats, cheeses, fruits and vegetables all harvested within one hundred or so kilometers of your own back yard.

Lastly, pick up a book or search the internet to find out more about what you can do to help maintain and improve the planets ability to keep us all fed and healthy. Learn about the big business of food, pharmaceuticals and your role in it all.

To your health.


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