Food Review – Holy Crap Cereal

While it boasts being Gluten Free, Wheat Free and Vegan, Holy Crap cereal to me, is a bunch of hole-eek crap.

As a Vegan, 80% Raw with Gluten intolerance, I thought this choice would be great for me. Though I was puzzled as to why I was buying something to eat that I could make myself at home, having all the ingredients and more. Convenience, pure and simple.

Taste: not bad, not bad at all – the ratio to fruit/seeds sometimes falls short but otherwise fine. I’ve added banana, coconut flakes, walnuts, pumpkin seeds and cacao nibs to try to jazz it up. I pair it with Coconut milk as well.

Cost: $11.95 for the small green bag you see here. Relatively fair considering the expensive ingredients, I have to say they must get a deal on hemp, chia etc…that begs the question, are they organic ingredients? Truly organic?

In the end, it is a GREAT vegan option for a quick cereal, yes, however it’s something you really can whip up yourself in the Whole Foods bulk organic bin section.

Props to the Canadian founder(s). Good luck with it all. For this Vegan, I’ve neared the bottom of the bag and have to say I won’t be procuring another.


To your health!



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