Thai Yoga Massage – New Offerings

As a firm believer in natural health, my quest for a more pure form of disease prevention and optimal health has lead me down many interesting paths.

Most recently, in an effort to bring more awareness to myself, my family and my clientele I went on a search for what would be the next best service to offer the world, after plant-based nutrition education. I dabbled in aromatherapy, guided meditation and even sound therapy with crystal bowls. After a particularly un-bendy day at Yoga I longed for a deep stretch and relaxation which didn’t rely entirely on my own strength and will. I found, Thai Yoga Massage.

While initially I didn’t care for the “energy fieldness” of it all, I came to realize that this wasn’t the overall importance of the practice. The rhythmic work out/massage seemed to balance the need for full range of motion movement and stretching for me.

The environment provided during what I call a good massage, should be relaxed, stress free and meditative without crossing over into any spiritual hot zone – making it an accessible release for anyone.

A typical session can last anywhere from 1 to 4 hours depending on what you and your therapist are capable of. This form of massage directly impacts your muscular, circulatory and nervous system which enhances your body’s ability to heal naturally. By incorporating gentle rocking, yoga-like stretching and pressing techniques the client is able to balance muscle groups and gain flexibility. Endorphins are released during these sessions which create increased vitality in the body as well as a flushing out of stressful chemicals and nervous energies.


Thai Massage is said to be more than 2,500 years old and hails from an Ayurvedic-based body science. Some note that Jivaka Kuma Bhaccha (Buddha’s doctor) is to be the founder of this particular type of physical therapy.

Trained therapists stretch a person with specific poses, some of which are easily recognizable in a standard Yoga practice. The philosophy behind the technique focuses on Sen or energy points which are pressed and massaged during the process.

Circulation improvements – Blood in targeted areas is slowed during poses and Sen manipulation and is then released, inversions and spinal twists are also used to refresh circulation. This process is noted to aid in lymphatic drainage, returning blood to the heart, and digestion.

Stress release – Yoga and massage are some of the most effective methods for treating mental health issues. When muscles are manipulated during the process, emotional and mental stressors are also released. Meditation which is usually incorporated into the process aids clients in the ability to let go of stress and negative thoughts during the process, and eventually in their day-to-day lives.

Longevity – In the process of Thai Massage the nervous system releases toxins during circulation improvement. Students of this practice boost their immunity to disease and increase overall longevity.

I am happy to announce that commencing September 2011, I will be able to offer this service to you as a NHPC certified practitioner.

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