Shorty’s Birthday

Another year come and gone and here I am on the first of my birthdays away from friends and family.

I suppose that I’ve given up entirely on store bought gifts….looking for quality time and great hugs instead. The greatest gift I’ve been given to date, is my life. Though, I never did pipe up and ask for it, I understand that somewhere out there, a need for a person just like me in this world was created.

I am thankful today, for my health, my happiness, my love and my loss. For this, is truly the essence of a good life. Though, there are a million things that could change, for me, most of it I wouldn’t.

All the hardships, trial and error, wins and losses I welcome with open arms now. Looking forward to what is coming next for me around the corner, with less worry and more childlike curiosity.

Thank you, to all the beautiful people in my world, whether you see yourself as a friend or a foe, I see you as a lesson and another way I have learned more about myself.

Thank you to my friends, new; for your open and honest ways and old; for your patience, loyalty and stamina……all for their hugs, their kisses, late night binges and rants. Thank you for making me feel like the queen of my own soul and a special person to you, every day that you’re in my life.

Thank you to my mom, my dad, my brother, twinkle and all of my amazing family near and far, for being a part of me, like it or not. That can be a chore, I recognize. This gypsy isn’t the most pliable of beings at times. Thank you to family who is no longer here, for without once having you, and now experiencing that loss, I would be far less of a person.

Thank you, to the two little dudes who are with me no matter what. Who have taught me the art of loving kindness, unconditional love and seeing the playful side of life. You’ve had no choice but to be on this adventure with me. I respect you as companions, friends and the amazing beings you are.

And finally, I am thankful for new love, new hope and new times. Opportunity and fresh ideas, cold winter days and warm summer nights. I am thankful for the keen heart that waited, the open arms that accepted and the reassuring words that keep me steady each day.

Thank you to everyone who has passed through my blessed and charmed life, I couldn’t have gotten to this amazing day without you.

Love, love, love.



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