Vegan Italian Bean Soup – Pasta E Faglio

I didn’t think that I would be posting a soup recipe in June however, it’s been “Vancouvering” outside for nearly a week…which is good for the earth, but not so much for lighter foods. 

I think this recipe is pretty good. It’s adapted from a couple I have tried on the Internet. I don’t use much in the way of salt when I cook, so please taste and season to your liking during the process. 

Simple recipe that’s ready to eat in an hour or so. 

Buon appetito! 


2 tbsp extra virgin olive oil
1 large onion chopped fine
6 cloves garlic
4 diced celery stalks
1 bell pepper diced
6 medium diced tomatoes
8 cups of water
3/4 cup red wine
4 bay leaves
1 tsp fresh or dry oregano (fresh is best with herbs)
1 tsp rosemary
1 tsp basil
1.5 cups of small pasta of your choice
4 cups white beans cooked (cannellini)
1/2 cup fresh parsley
1 tsp salt
1 tsp pepper
2 tbsp miso paste
2 tbsp nutritional yeast


Prepare all ingredients by chopping/dicing etc…

In large soup pot heat oil. Add onion & saute until see through. Add garlic and celery & saute until all are translucent. Add bell pepper, tomato, water, wine, bay leaves, herbs, miso, nutritional yeast. Bring to boil for 5 minutes, reduce to simmer for 30. 

Cook pasta in separate pot until al dente. Drain and add to soup along with beans. 

Simmer for 10 more minutes. 

If your soup pot is missing liquid, add water!

Serves about 6-8. 


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