My kitchen is old, my heart is young. Life reno’s.

Always manifesting the next adventure.

Always manifesting the next adventure.

Priorities. Often it takes years to figure out just what our own priorities are. I’ve known for years that my personal priorities are to see, learn, unlearn, re-learn and explore.

The only way I can figure out how to achieve this is through travel.

This article came up in some feed the other day which applied some science to the essence of why purchasing experiences as opposed to things is far more valuable to us as humans.

I cook in a kitchen that is old. In a house that has seen very little in the way of renovations, with a floor that has been torn to shreds by our German Shepard, Frieda.

Some days I look around and think “Man, we need to put some money into some renovations”. Then I add up the sum total of what that would cost and my next thought is “Jesus, I could buy a house in Central America for that much money. I could do that Ring Road trip around Iceland that I’ve got on the travel map, we could book another motorcycle trip, this time through South Africa!”.

You see, I really can’t justify putting any insane amount of money into buying things anymore.

It’s hard to live in a world where you are surrounded by blind consumption. Most folks are willing to spend $100K on a kitchen (usually financed) but won’t go on a couple of amazing trips in a year that cost a total of $10-20K. People whose idea of exotic is eating at an Americanized Vietnamese restaurant or on a BIG night out…..Indian food!! These are the people that we all inevitably end up measuring ourselves against. For me, the ones that roll their eyes at the amount of travel that happens in my life, probably look at my beat up house and think “why don’t they just use some of their travel money, not go on so many trips and fix their house?”.

I’ve never felt unjustified in choosing travel over things. I’ve spent $15,000.00 on a couch that I thought would change my life. Ok, it’s a bangin’ couch and everyone who sits on it loves it….but it didn’t really change my life. Through having and letting go of all the fancy cars, million dollar houses, designer clothing and shiny things over the years I’ve come to realize that those things really don’t matter to me and never did.

I’m an unapologetic adventurer in my heart. My kitchen might need a reno, but the masterpiece of my soul is under construction first.

There is no reason to keep up with the Joneses. Just an honest need to keep up with all you Jones for in your heart.

Compare yourself to no one. Love life for every real thing it brings to you. Buy yourself a memory that lasts your lifetime. One that sparks amazing stories of adventure, life lessons and a re-calibration of yourself…yet another gestation into an even more vividly colourful and beautiful version of you.

Share your real life stories over delicious drinks at your romantically less-than-perfect kitchen table, in your hardly swish-swish home with people who share your fearless passions.


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