Chickpea Sal San – Vegan



I can’t begin to tell you how bloody delicious this recipe turned out. It ACTUALLY tastes like chicken – but I lend that to the “mayonaise-y” flavour.

Easy for camping, school lunches and picnics, you’ll want this one in your repertoire for sure.

I found some amazing relish at my farmers market this summer that was to die for and topped this recipe off SO well.


1 can chickpeas

2 oz tofu diced, crumbled and browned & cooled

5 stalks celery

2.5 tbsp relish

2.5 tbsp veganaise

1 tsp dulse – optional

1 tsp diced shallot – sub 1 tsp onion powder

1 tbsp diced dill (fresh)

1 tbsp diced chives (fresh)

Salt & Pepper to taste


Crumble and brown your tofu in a small pan on medium heat. I opted to use a spicy oil infusion for this part. Allow to cool.

Mix all other ingredients in large bowl, add tofu & refrigerate for a couple of hours.

Serve over lettuce or on sourdough buns for an amazing lunch or dinner nosh.

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