I am a Vegan Chef, Permaculturalist and Wellness Coach advocating a natural, raw, holistic Lifestyle. My personal journey began through my need to eat more consciously and ethically, for the sake of my body and our planet after overcoming Cancer.

I have been exposed to the very large business of  industrialized farming while still being taught the importance of self sufficiency in gardening, hunting and fishing. My Russian & Metis roots have afforded me the luxury of learning self sufficiency, medicinal and nutritional methodologies from all over the world while enforcing a deep connection to family and tradition.

As a former dancer working with such world famous artists as Gregory Hines, I have extensive experience in nutrition related to sports, sports injuries and eating for optimal health and performance. I have studied all around the world with many people…… David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Victoria Boutenko, Janice Skoreyko, Gabrielle Brick, Alissa Cohen, Brendan Brazier, Dr. Joseph Mercola, Garliq, Demetria Clark and Tim Van Orden.

Using my skills as a certified Wellness Coach & Master Herbalist in combination with practical chef training received abroad, I have made it my mission to focus on fighting all food borne illness.

I am blessed to be able to work around the world promoting safe and pleasurable eating to everyone I meet.





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