Zucchini steaks 

While camping in my good pals back yard this summer (don’t laugh till you see the pics) he picked what may be the most gigantic zucchini I’ve ever cooked.

This recipe is simple and tasty without too many calories. In fact, it’s pretty much Bikini Competition friendly though, I didn’t weigh it out so I can’t give you exact quantities/cals this time – sorry, I was a hungry bear!

I am recommending spray seasonings as they are far easier to NOT overdose on unlike bottled varieties. The application is also far more simple in a large recipe setting.


1 gigantic zucchini or a few medium sized friends.

6 small tomatoes diced or sliced

2 tbsp fresh oregano

2 tbsp shredded parmesano reggiano or Vegan Parma

Balsamic vinegar (spray type if you have it)

Braggs liquid aminos (spray type if you have it)

Himalayan sea salt

Hot chilli flakes


Slice zucchini into 1.5-2″ “steaks”. Place in large bowl tossing with a few pinches of sea salt and chilli flakes. Allow to sit for at least one hour to draw out some of the water in the vegetable. You will notice there will be a pool of water at the bottom of the plate/bowl you have rested them in.

Fire up the BBQ and let warm on high for 5 minutes. Reduce to medium heat.

Place “steaks” on BBQ and allow to cook for 8-10 minutes per side, rotating at approx. the 2.5 minute mark – as you would a steak to get the perfect grill marks.

Spritz each side with one quick shot of Braggs while cooking.

Remove from heat once grilled.

Top first with parmesan / vegan parma , then tomato, then oregano and a spritz of balsamic to each one to top.

Serve warm with freshly ground pepper if desired.

I plated this with a marinated pickled beet salad, my killer breaded cauliflower and a couple of Field Roast Apple Sage links. 

The large zuc I am holding in the picture will serve 4 adults at least. If you reduce this recipe to a couple mediums this will serve 2 with no side dish.

Doukhobor Zuchinni time!

Doukhobor Zuchinni time!

Rosemary Salt



Homesteading. Fun, creative and easy on the pocket-book. Not to mention the fact that you are in the most powerful position to know about nearly 100% of what you’re putting in your body. Try this recipe and you’ll be hooked on homesteading, promise.



1 cup Himalayan salt

3 large sprigs fresh rosemary


Dice up fresh rosemary.

Combine with salt and place in lidded pan on stove top – medium low. Heat for 10-12 minutes & set aside to cool.

Add to salt mill or store in jar with fresh sprig of rosemary on top.

Yep, that’s it.

Gardening dreams

Let’s face it folks spring is supposed to be here…..supposed to be. Living in YYC is like living with a severe mood swing disorder.

Yesterday it’s 12 degrees, today giant, white, fluffy flakes are tumbling out of the sky.


I’m not about to give up on my gardening dreams, I realize the growing season here is short as anything, so here I sit, huddled around a warm coffee…planning.

From vermiculite, to compost, propagating pollinators to bean poles – this year could be the best gardening year ever ~ if you’re prepared.

One item I couldn’t leave out is finding a quality source of NON-GMO seeds & starters. While my hunt is barely started, I thought I would share some good local options for everyone in the YYC area.

Here is a great article on keeping MONSANTO out of your garden and off of your dinner plates:


My usual go to in a less rushed atmosphere is: BAKER CREEK HEIRLOOM SEEDS however, as we will be moving in just over 2 weeks, then busy with the new house, I have opted to try to find as many starters as I can, and then greenhouse what I haven’t found.

Happy planting & Harvesting folks.

Peace and plenty to you all.


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