GOOD Vitamins – finally.

I have been on a search for honest, plant-based, GMO/Animal free vitamins of superior quality for a few weeks now.
I have finally found them – me thinks.
My process for purchasing beauty or health products starts with one question; were animals used in the manufacturing of or safety testing of this product. Once I resounding NO is realized, I’ll try it.
There are a lot of different vitamins on the market and what I found most confusing was the fact that one company could be rated as A+ for it’s Iron supplements but a D- on it’s B Complex. Why can’t one producer just make an all around amazing supplement line in every category?
Needless to say, many googles later I had fallen behind on my vitamin intake and was pretty frustrated. Some articles list FLINTSTONE vitamins as “good”. Yeesh.
Today, my search has ended. I found The Vitamin Farm. Located here in Calgary at TD Square it’s got a fantastic selection of some good (and not so good) supplements. They vary in pricing so even on a tight budget, you can keep up your vitamin levels without going broke or stocking your fridge full of spinach and beets.
I chose the Mega Food brand. Why? Well, the labels say it all for me:
GMO Free
Gluten Free
Soy Free
Dairy Free
Farm Fresh
They actually use a term “from farm to tablet”. Apparently these tablets are 100% food based, the real deal. Yes, most other supplements are synthetic – yuck!
What I questioned about those synthetic sources was their BIOAVAILABILITY. Essentially, how well and where the body was absorbing additional nutrients. With some vitamins like B’s and C’s which are water soluble, we end up peeing out their goodness. I say, lets ensure we are making a superior product that is creating some serious positive impact on our bodies before it’s making its way into the septic system.
At $40-$50 per bottle and between 60 and 90 tablets,  these vitamins are not for the faint of heart. MegaFood however, has been around since 1973 and seem to be a company that is committed to producing real food using a slo-food process, which I can respect.
Best of all? Monsanto hasn’t had their filthy little hands all over my vitamins.
Visit their website to see if their products are sold in your area:
I’ll be sure to follow up this post in 60 days with and updates on their effectiveness.