Happy New Year – Free Love

2016 Starts tomorrow! Can you believe it? Now is the time to for us all to forgive our overindulgences and get our health show back on the road. I thought a bundle of healthy tips for nutrition and detox would be useful for you all for a healthy journey in 2016 {tomorrow}.

Check out these food and living facts for a kickstart in 2016 ~ if you need more guidance, check out my discounted services for January sign up:

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❤ All the best.


Water in ~ first thing

Don’t mistake being dehydrated for being hungry. Reset that hunger feeling ASAP with water! You’ll also help your body flush out toxins, provide fuel for your brain and help boost your metabolism.
Magnesium is “the man”

Stressed out from the holidays? A simple snack may do you wonders. Pumpkin seeds or almonds are packed with magnesium, the anti-stress nuts/seeds. I take magnesium supplements nightly about 30 minutes before bed to improve sleep & relaxation – give it a try!
Eat greens

Nutrients that support your liver – and I’m sure you sort of killed your liver this holiday season, didn’t you? Do your best to include dark green leafy vegetables, such as spinach, kale and arugula to your meals – try to hit the 50% mark.
Avoid diary

They taste delicious but based on the way that they are produced……you may want to think twice about that whack of cheese. Or, maybe you did your research and found something ethical – good for you!!! Even so, your body is not meant to digest dairy past your breastfeeding babe days.

Sadly, dairy is also majorly acidic and really hurts our PH levels. Your body doesn’t do well with inflammation, so try to kick it to the curb and look for alternatives like nut milks and cheeses.

Fiber up!

Why? Regulate your blood sugar and banish toxins at the same time. Need a better reason? Ok, fiber also reduces that bloated feeling as well as hunger. The best kind of fiber comes from fresh fruit, vegetables, brown rice and oats. I start my day off 1/3 cup of quick oats and ½ a banana sliced ~ quick, easy and really gets the system going.
Alkaline all the way

Balance PH & reduce inflammation. If you haven’t included these already, please do: lemons, pears, kale & parsley.

Get the binge over with and get back to your 5-7 {balanced} meals per day. You might find very quickly that you shed 2-10 lbs of bloat in just 1-2 weeks.

Skinny fat / Fat skinny – why you’re rotting



You’re skinny. You never have to work out because you just can’t gain weight. You’re a “lucky skinny girl”, you have “great genes”….blah blah blah.

What if your luck was actually a curse? On the outside you look amazing (ish) but on the inside, you’re falling apart.

I took this AMAZING 😉 picture of myself in the washroom today just before I went to work out and was reminded that of an experience I needed to blog about.

I was prompted to write this post after a short vacation we took to Mexico last month. While strolling by the beach, a young girl in front of us was preoccupied with a conversation on her phone. Twenty, thin and wrinkle-free, I was drawn to her as she walked ahead wrapped in a towel. I looked her up and down (as most females at least do) and as I came to see her knees and what dangled below them, I was shocked. Twenty-four inches of noodles held together by feet and knees stood erect, tubular and without shape. Slightly bowed, thin and tanned.

I looked at my partner and said “please tell me that my legs do NOT look like that, they’re so dead looking!” He quickly responded with a “NO!” and something like “gee, those things have no shape….”

My mind swam with all of the STUPID ideas that women have been made to accept, and I was mad. Nuts are fat, avocado is fat, coconut milk is fat, you have to weigh XXX in order to be sexy…diet, lean cuisine, Dr. Bernstein, Jenny Craig, Weight Watchers. I mean c’mon, space food in micro-portions, filled with preservatives, GMO’s and carcinogens, burned to a crisp in your microwave is healthier than eating heaps of REAL food and moving your body???

There’s something very wrong with this picture.

And so the person that lingered up the beach before me bore the resemblance of what I see so often in the mainstream media and unfortunately in the general public.

Skinny-fat people, as they are sometimes called, fall prey to some pretty harsh health realities because of the neglect and damage they unknowingly subject their bodies to. Namely a lack of exercise/nutrition. Heart disease, type 2 diabetes(not just for fatties), dental hygiene damage, hair loss, dermatological issues, stress, depression, anxiety…..you name it.

Why you would neglect your HEART, the force that gives you life, I do not know. But PLEASE, please for your own sake, educate yourself. Go for a walk, do some weight training, be active, see the world. There is a happier, healthier, more amazing person in that tiny flabby body, I promise.

If you choose not to, that’s your life, but please, for the love of all things holy, do not breed. The world does not need any more people with nothing to give back. Even better, get yourself fixed.

If you want help, Google is there for you. If not, I am. You can do it.

MY truth about recognizing the importance of sisterhood.

Lately, I’ve been coming to a very dark and confusing realization. I spent nearly a decade of my life surrounded by hustlers. I was shocked and appalled at myself for sinking so low…then I realized…I was one of them.

I had lived a life full of hustle – Real Estate tycoonery, epic “celeb” style partying all over the world bypassing lineups at clubs in LA, Las Vegas, San Francisco, New York, Vancouver, Montreal……wearing some of the latest fashions I had managed to hustle for “cheap” from a few personal shoppers I knew. Having personal assistants for my life and my job, living in the “it” neighbourhoods, driving baller cars and taking exotic vacations while somehow still managing to show up to work and get paid.

True, the most extreme of that hustle started to peter out some 5 years ago, when I started to realize that sleeping under my desk at work nursing the worlds worst hangover just couldn’t be done anymore.

On the outside I looked like I had it all hooked up, my friends always wanted to be around me, asked me how I did it, stated over and over again how lucky I was. I believed them. I wanted to believe them, I felt that losing this version of myself would be a total and utter disaster ~ even if I was alienating myself.

Fast forward to a little trip to the clink care of one of my “best” friends who pretty much slept with every man in my life other than my husband and my father ( I think)……as one of my few and close friends of today said back then “time to weed your friend garden”.

While losing this part of my life was really no loss at all, what I did feel that I lost at that time was my connection to who I thought I was, to my identity and even to my husband and friends.

Shaking that kind of deep confusion and pain off, can be quite an experience. I iced my “wake up” cake with a healthy dose of Yoga and one gigantic nervous breakdown.

Years later, in a place where I have come to understand most of my choices, or for the sake of my sanity have been able to shrug off what seemed just too nutso of me………… a little bit of the hustle managed to move and shake its way back into my life.

I realized in being confronted by the past, with the clarity of now, that all of those friends, loves, acquaintances in my closest circle were never there for anything but the hustle. A ride in a fancy car, a dinner party at an amazing house, yacht trips, flights, parties and someone to sit intently and listen to them moan over their life blowing up while doing bumps off of their house keys.

Stoned or sober, these are the people I spent years with. Never getting a word in edgewise and opening my doors for them to drink my Veuve, eat my Caviar and smoke cigarettes until the wee hours of the morning looking at one of the most stunning views of Vancouver from my balcony.

But you know something? I’m not angry. I am laughing at this. For this blog isn’t about them, it’s an ode to a wonderful and beautiful few that I will keep in my life forever. My sisters. Though not biologically so, these gals have occupied a long-term and solid place in my heart for decades. Some for nearly as long as I’ve been alive.

They are the people that know my middle name, my crazy Russian Uncle Alec, the epic battles I used to get into with my baby brother, taking LSD in the woods, hiking up amazing mountains, the scores of crazy boyfriends, the bands, the hangovers, the beach, the trips, the weddings, the laughter, the tears.

All these years they asked for nothing. Not for a penny, not for more than what was their share.

This post is an ode to you: Andria, Jenni, Kat, Helena, Kala…..and Willis, sorry brosef, you’re my bestie and I felt wrong leaving you out.

We may be worlds apart sometimes, and I may hate the shit out of girls 99% of the time…but you, my near and dearest have given me the greatest gift of life. Sisterhood. Your unconditional love, respect and heart I will cherish forever. You wipe away the crap of the past and have always helped me pave the way to a new, solid future.

Thank you for believing in me. I have always believed in you.