Water 101 – Demystifying your Drinking Water

Join me on Wednesday, October 20th for a FREE 45 minute webinar on water, filtration and your health!

Water, the liquid of life. It represents a huge portion of the makeup of your body. But what exactly should we be watching out for when it comes to water? Bottled water, spring water, filtration systems, vortexing, osmosis all of this can be confusing to say the least.

If you are interested in learning about water and it’s relation to your body this FREE seminar is for you! Demystify all of the labels and equipment we have associated with this most basic element, and get back to basics!

What’s to lose? You have access to a completely free, no strings attached, 45-minute webinar! * PLUS if you can’t make the call, register anyway and receive a FREE recording.





Eating for Anxiety

Well folks, here I go. Finally into the world of the webinar. I’ve been attending but not hosting for years. On top of this I think I have tackled one of my largest hurdles, yes, I said it. My anxiety! Now that I’m more confident in my ability to prevent, treat and cope with this often times paralyzing emotion, I want to share it with you all.

Join in August 27th at 6:30pm PST for a free 30-minute talk on Anxiety and the foods & herbs we can use for prevention and treatment.

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To your health!